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Albania is one of the world’s fastest growing tourist destination

Sahit Muja


Sahit Muja: Albania has become the world’s fastest growing tourist destination. The tourism in Albania has increased 1000%, in the last decade.
Albania is a very unique country with fascinating culture, friendly, warmth, and wonderfull people. Albanians are the descendants of Illyrians, the first settlers in the Mediterranean region and in Europe.

The land of Illyria was divided forcefully by wars and empires.
Illyrian land was in today’s Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro. In Albania there’s so much to explore, The worlds most powerfull empires have been there and left so many archeological places.

Albania is a blast with amazing beaches, mountains, lakes, and rivers. Albania is a true unspoilled natural wonder. Albania is also a blast with natural resources, gold, oil, natural gas, copper, chrome ore, nickel and so many other metals. Albania has a potential to produce 100% green energy .

Albanians are the fastest growing population in Europe. Millions of Albanians work and live in the Europe Union. Albania is the best destination to invest in tourism in Europe.
There are so many amazing places in Albania to visit.

Albanians are very proud of their Illyrian heritage, and Albanian history has given it a profound depth of culture.
The greatest surprise for first-time visitors to Albania is diversity found between its beaches and mountains in the north. In Tirana, Durres, Vlora, Saranda there is so much to explore in restaurants, nightclubs on a panoramic Adriatic and Iona sea.

Tropoje, Albania has one of the cleanest air in the world. With its crisp, clean air and snow-capped mountains, Tropoje, Albania is a vision for the soul.
With more and more travelers looking to take a breath off air from pollution, it is no surprise that destinations are starting to boost about having the world’s cleanest air.

In Albania you’ll find number of interesting villages from one end of the country to the other, each with its own special charm.

Tropoje, Albania has one of the most beautiful and striking mountain chains which rise above the surrounding land like islands off rock in a sea of green.

Each of the major groups stand alone, each to be enjoyed like a sculpture from all angles, set apart from one another by deep channels of river Valbona, and Drini valleys and connected by some of the most breathtaking passes.

The rocks soar near vertical, forming towers, spires, castles, and battlements. The pockmarked cliffs and frequent shrouds of mist lending a tattered medieval atmosphere.

Nature has definitely smiled upon Tropoja, Shkodra, Puka and Kukesi this remote spot on Earth and that so much of it remains untouched by human habitation is, perhaps, Tropoje’s biggest attraction.

It can’t be appreciated through the window of a car, one must get out to explore the National Parks in Puka, Korca, Tropoja, Shkodra, Thethi.
If You stand on one of those spectacular mountains peaks you will breathe some of the cleanest air in the world. Or, deep in the forest in place call Koshetica, Doberdol, sit by a waterfall and watch the fine mist settle on those magnificent giant trees.

If you love food, you’ll be in heaven in Albania. Taste the local organic mediteranian fusion dishes, sea food, grilled meats, excellent wine and alcohol beverages.
The Albanian cuisine is a combination of Italian, Greek, Turkish and Albanian cooking.

Wild honey, is the best in the world, or dip your fresh bread in olive oil and ‘bush dust’, a delicious concoction of various herbs and spices. Also Albania has amazing organic fruits, nuts and much, much more.
Albania is a very safe country and is very welcoming to tourists. Albania offers the best prices in Europe. Visit Albania, learn about the fascinating history, and take away some truly incredible experiences in this amazing country. It’s not surprising Albania has attracted so many folk over the 10 years. Come and discover Albania for yourself.
By. Sahit Muja