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Germany has huge opportunity to invest in Russia and it is trillion’s of dollars in natural resources

 New York News: Russia. Saint Petersburg

New York News: Russia. Saint Petersburg

New York News: Russian President Vladimir Putin invited German companies to join in new projects and the contracts to work and invest in Russia.

Mr. Putin said “All of this benefits our economies and our peoples. This is no exaggeration. I said yesterday at the fair’s opening that in Germany alone there are more than 700,000 jobs related to production for Russia and jointly with Russia. These are no trifles – these are serious things, especially with the continued problems in the global economy”.

“Russia is broadly represented at this fair with 20 regions and 160 companies exhibiting in an area of 5,000 square metres. I am very happy to see that our businesspeople feel at home here. This is a result of the close and friendly contacts we have with our partners”. President Putin said
President Putin announced that We discussed a wide range of issues during our talks yesterday evening, and Madam Federal Chancellor listed these issues just now, so I don’t have anything to add here, but I want to say that the discussions were absolutely frank and honest, and I would call them very productive.

Of course, we saw that we have different points of view on some issues, and this is something we have taken note of. But at the same time, let me stress that all of our discussions with our German partners are constructive in spirit, very friendly and open. I think that this kind of work together will certainly lead us to new achievements. We already have solid achievements: our bilateral trade with Germany comes to $74 billion, and this is not the limit.

“The German Chancellor has already spoken about our discussions of international issues. As I said, I have nothing to add. If there are any questions you still have, we will do our best to answer.

Once again, let me thank the fair’s organisers, the government of Lower Saxony, and residents of Hannover for all their patience. These kinds of events always put a burden on the local infrastructure and involve some restrictions for local people. We ask them to forgive us for this, because, ultimately, these sorts of events bring benefits for the region and host city, and for our bilateral ties”. President Putin said

According to Albanian Minerals CEO Sahit Muja Rusia has a huge natural resources worth trillions of dollars. The resources include deposits containing uranium, diamonds, pure quartz materials, nickel, beryllium, tantalum, lithium, niobium, rare yttrium group elements and platinum group metals.In addition, they include deposits with at least 60 million tons of recoverable oil reserves, 75 billion cubic meters (2.6 trillion cubic feet) of natural gas reserves, 50 tons of vein gold and 500,000 tons of copper. Mr Sahit Muja said “There is a huge opportunity for German Companies ti invest in Russia, Russia has trillions of dollars in natural resources, oil, natural gas, minerals.
By. Boris Ivanov
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