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Green Energy: Albania has incredible potential to produce 100% of its electricity from renewable energy


Skenderbeu, Albania

Sahit Muja: Albania to embrace ambitious plans to power Albania on renewable sources of energy Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha said.
Green energy is at the heart of the economic future in Albania.

Clean energy technologies are vital to alleviating poverty, expanding rural development, and protecting health while promoting sustainability and environmental quality.

The productive use of renewable energy in Albania helps the economy, raise incomes and improve health, providing power to light homes, schools, and hospitals
This is why renewable energy has been a fundamental pillar of Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha .

If Albania succeeds with the new energy policy, Albania will become the first country in the world to produce 100% of its electricity from renewable energy.
Albanian has a huge potential for renewable energy from hydropower, wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass .

If Albania invests in the all renewable sources of energy by 2020, green electricity will be yhe 100% source of power for Albanian factories and households.
Albania has a potential to be the world’s most important laboratory of green energy.

Albania is in a starting position in investing in green energy, Albanian Government has paved the way for millions of dollars to be invested for green power projects.
Renewable energy in Albania may generate 100,000 “green collar” new jobs by 2020. Albanian Minerals sees green technology as an important part of their business and investment strategies.

Hydropower generation in Albania accounts for 90% of electricity produced while 10% is produced in small thermal power plants. .
The Albanian hydro potential is considered to currently be exploited at only 35%.
Additional 2000 MW can be further developed to produce about 6.5 TWh/y.

Large projects under development include Skavica, Devolli, Kalivaci and Ashta hydropower plants, and Valbona .
Albania has the potential to build 2000 hydropower plants. Wind and solar energy sources have the greatest potential after hydro generation.
Albania has huge wind potential from power full winds from low sea levels to the Alps.

Albania has one of the strongest winds in Europe. Albania has incredible potential in solar energy.
The Mediterranean country has one of the best numbers of the sunny days in the world.
Sahit Muja